The Paid Media Team Lead (PMTL) role will form part of the global Operations team, heading up a client pod / region. This role requires high expertise within the paid media & tech field as consultancy towards clients, internal operations and commercial teams will have to be provided.

This role includes (but isn’t limited to) working closely with clients, commercial, consultancy & ops teams on cross channel media strategies, proposals / RFPs, implementation, quality assurance, measurement plans, optimisations, reporting and insights.

The PMTL will be responsible for managing a small team, leading their team pod, individually and as a team to achieve targets and objectives. They will be solution driven in achieving team KPIs. They will also form part of an Ops Line Management team to ensure alignment & collaboration across teams. Resource management to ensure their team works efficiently at billable rate and assisting the Operational Country Head with resource requirements into the future.

The PMTL will need to have a solid understanding of client commercials and possibly contribute to how these should be structured. Keeping up to date with global market trends, product updates & innovative paid strategies will form an integral part of this role. The PMTL will need to have a strong understanding of analysing data and advise where campaign strategies can be improved.

Attending client meetings will form part of this role, building strong relationships with them and supporting the commercial team with strategic input and campaign feedback. The PMTL will also need to foster relationships with Partners such as Google and Facebook to ensure the necessary support is provided on platform adoption and building out the client's strategies across these platforms.


  • Reports to the : Head of Operations in Paid Media AU
  • Closely interacts with other Operational Team Leads
  • Works closely with clients on their Paid Strategies
  • Works with Client Services, Consultants and Paid Media Managers.
  • Works closely with Platform Partners ie. Google, GMP etc to keep ahead of tech, gain access to beta’s & conferences etc.


  • A minimum of 6+ years experience within the digital industry
  • Experience as a paid media manager for a minimum of 4 years working within paid platforms eg Google Ads, Facebook, DV360 etc.
  • Well-versed in performance marketing, yielding results for client's investments, ie. sales / lead conversion & omni-channel acquisition
  • Experience as a paid strategist beneficial, planning and executing on cross-channel marketing strategies.
  • Desired experience with measurement plans & tracking
  • Illustrate strong relationships with Technology partners; Google, Facebook, Publishers etc.
  • Experience with website analytics tools (e.g. Google Analytics)
  • Strong skill set in navigating teams & where expertise is needed. Identifying issues before they arise and addressing them accordingly
  • Able to operate within grey areas and without clear direction, the OTL should advise what is required
  • Experience in managing high pressure situations & tights deadlines
  • Experience in working within a fast pace global operational team
  • Experience in working directly with clients & commercial teams
  • Clear understanding of digital commercial models and being able to work with commercial teams
  • Ability to think creatively & strategically within the the digital marketing space
  • Ability to identify and support teams, directly or indirectly, to resolve technology / platform problems as well as reporting discrepancies, tracking issues and any other tech related issues which affect campaigns
  • Strong experience in management of digital accounts with a strong focus on digital performance strategies


  • Entrepreneurial and solution driven
  • Operate at optimal levels without clear direction, creating process
  • Work under pressure and deliver excellence
  • Strong ability to prioritise, managing own time as well as assisting teams where needed
  • Taking the lead in client meetings and with your team
  • Good technical communicator - be able to turn complexity into simplicity
  • Autonomous, proactive and resourceful
  • Passionate about digital
  • Self-motivated and driven individual with strong integrity
  • Diligent - attention to detail and understanding how they fit into the big picture
  • Be a mentor to others, be empathetic


  • Employ strategic campaign setup across multiple platforms
  • Work closely with consultants, client services and clients to implement media strategies
  • Lead and manage an operational client pod, providing mentorship and growth opportunities
  • Ensure quality control of all strategies implemented within your client pod
  • Collaborate with other Paid Team Leads to ensure alignment within the broader operational team, sharing learnings & understanding market trends
  • Being able to troubleshoot issues and presenting solutions
  • Analyse campaign performance and make recommendations for optimisation across all clients and campaigns with your pod, where required, leading paid media managers in the right direction
  • Ensure all correct revenues and media costs are monitored and reported on
  • Ensure all administration is accurate and up to date
  • Ensure profitability of your team, that they work efficiently at billable rate
  • Succession planning and resourcing into the future.
  • Act as support and a point of contact to provide strategic (or any other) support where needed
  • Joining internal and client meetings
  • Assisting with client strategy and re-strategies
  • Knowledge transfer within your pod, broader ops team and with client services
  • Assisting your pod with reporting discrepancies, tracking issues and testing new features
  • Regular testing of new features within platforms
  • Being able to self train on new platforms and share knowledge within the team
  • Spot testing of pixels / tracking setups
  • Documentation of processes to ensure involved parties are privy to best practice


  • Exceptional communication skills both written and verbal and display professional and example behaviour at all times
  • Specialized knowledge - have worked in a serious, thoughtful and sustained way to master the specialized knowledge needed to succeed in their fields; and that they keep this knowledge up-to-date, so that they can continue to deliver the best work possible.
  • Competency - Professionals get the job done. They're reliable, and they keep their promises. If circumstances arise that prevent them from delivering on their promises, they manage expectations up front, and they do their best to make the situation right. Professionals don't make excuses, but focus on finding solutions.
  • Displays honesty and integrity at all times
  • Be accountable for their actions even when making mistakes
  • They exhibit a high degree of emotional intelligence (EI) by considering the emotions and needs of others, and they don't let a bad day impact how they interact with colleagues or clients.
  • Display strong interpersonal skills. Ability to build strong relationships with clients and colleagues; display a strong team spirit.
  • Maintain the highest standards of delivery, productivity and effectiveness at all times
  • Organized and detail oriented
  • Be approachable and open to constructive criticism
  • Exceptional time management skills and ability to prioritize high volume of projects simultaneously in a fast paced unpredictable environment.
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • This includes but is not limited to taking decisions independently while staying within the company guidelines; Proactive attitude; staying self-motivated; being self-reliant; continuous self-development without expecting to be taken by the hand.
  • Display a hunger for knowledge and a willingness to learn from any situation
  • Respect, appreciate and contribution towards decision making

If you feel you fit the above criteria, please apply with your CV and cover letter.
Please take note that if you do not receive a response within 2 weeks of applying, you should consider your application as unsuccessful.