Role Specifications

  • Job Title: Director Data Solutions
  • Remit: Incubeta DACH
  • Location: Munich/Berlin


We are seeking a client lead with a background in data and measurement (and an understanding of digital marketing) to join our DACH client team as our data specialist. In this role, you will play a central part in driving growth for our clients through innovative data solutions. You will translate client challenges (particularly involving their digital marketing) into actionable data strategies, identify data solution opportunities to support the growth of this offering, and lead the scoping and conversion of these projects, based on your in depth understanding of the data solutions we offer as an agency. You will collaborate with our clients to set clear commercials, manage both external and internal stakeholders, and, through working closely with our data delivery team, ensure the successful delivery of projects – all on time and within budget.

You will also work closely with our key partners such as Google, ensuring they know about the great work we are delivering for our clients and helping to secure more funding to support our clients to accelerate their data maturity and achieve their strategic goals.'

You would report into the Managing Director of Germany, and be a key part of our client team, working closely with our delivery team to produce successful outcomes for our clients.

Key Responsibilities

Data Strategy

  • Design and implement award-winning data strategies that deliver exceptional, quantifiable results for our clients.
  • Translate complex client business goals and challenges into targeted data solutions, outlining the datasets, analytical techniques, and technologies required for maximum impact.
  • Champion a 'data-first' mentality throughout client interactions, positioning data-backed insights at the forefront of all proposals and solutions.
  • Articulate and measure the value proposition of Incubeta's data and measurement solutions with clarity and confidence.
  • Implement proactive data solution initiatives that address client pain points, remove performance blockers, and enhance overall client business performance.

Client Growth & Maturity Development

  • Establish and implement a comprehensive data maturity assessment framework to guide client growth and development journeys.
  • Proactively identify and execute opportunities to expand data solutions within our client portfolio, fostering growth and success for both Incubeta and our partners.
  • Ensure all client growth plans incorporate strategic data assessment and data-driven opportunities that elevate their data maturity.
  • Deeply understand the business objectives, challenges, and expectations of clients, tailoring data solutions and strategies to ensure alignment and exceed expectations.
  • Monitor and analyze external market trends and data-related industry developments, translating them into tangible growth opportunities for clients.
  • Employ data visualization and storytelling techniques to drive client adoption of data-centric practices and accelerate their maturity.

Client Relationships

  • Position Incubeta as the go-to trusted advisor for data solutions by demonstrating exceptional communication, quality, and deep knowledge of both client businesses and the digital ecosystem.
  • Cultivate strategic relationships with key stakeholders and decision-makers within client organizations.
  • Take full ownership of data solutions, managing timely execution and ensuring client satisfaction.
  • Collaborate seamlessly with client teams and partners, embodying the spirit of 'one team' in all interactions and service governance.
  • Foster strategic partnerships across the industry, ensuring alignment with Incubeta's data solution offerings and unlocking funding opportunities.

Business Performance

  • Directly contribute to exceeding data-related GP and profitability targets.
  • Champion a 'projects-to-retainers' approach, driving client retention and long-term revenue growth through successful data initiatives.
  • Identify, pursue, and convert data-focused business opportunities across the client portfolio.
  • Analyze client commercial performance and develop data-powered strategies to achieve and surpass revenue targets.
  • Proactively mitigate client risks through data monitoring and strategic foresight.

Team Development & Cross-Team Collaboration

  • Organize and lead productive meetings with internal client and data delivery teams, fostering alignment and client-centricity.
  • Ensure delivery teams fully grasp client objectives and project scope, promoting seamless collaboration.
  • Support and engage delivery teams as a vital part of the extended client team, integrating their expertise and perspectives.
  • Drive data literacy across client teams, upskilling their understanding of data solutions and applications.
  • Empower the new business team with market insights, data solution knowledge, and innovative strategies during pitches.

Knowledge & Expertise

  • Possess an in-depth understanding of Incubeta's data and measurement solutions and how they address client challenges.
  • Confidently articulate complex data concepts, challenges, and solutions to clients in the context of their broader digital strategy.
  • Stay abreast of developments in the data landscape (regulatory changes, technology, customer expectations) and proactively advise clients on implications and opportunities.
  • Actively contribute to thought leadership through content creation and speaking engagements, showcasing Incubeta's data expertise.


  • 28 Holidays
  • Option to work remotely
  • Two Me-Days (one per half year)
  • Monthly Mobile Plan
  • Monthly Public Transport Ticket
  • Promotion of individual further development